As a public speaker, with personal interest of Epilepsy, I have lived with epilepsy since I was two years old, not learning these feeling I was having growing up was epilepsy until I was 16, thinking this feeling was normal. After living life with epilepsy, after trying every medicine available (without much success), I had three brain surgeries at age 38. With surgery, my memory of my past was take from me and my fear door was completely opened. With my seizures gone, what happened was just as difficult to personally start my life over again. With removing 70% of the hippocampas, I had to learn to write my name, the ABC and who my brothers were. With this type of struggle, I had to give up or keep fighting. Since I learned to be a fighter with my life of seizures, I have found the meaning of confidence, the ability to overcome a sense of fear, and how to never give up on yourself. Always stay within your own personal love for YOU.