It was exactly 2 years ago today that we had the celebration of life service for my brother Lonnie Scott Teragawa in Yuba City.  The picture shown above is me all the way to the left with glasses with my daughter Natalie,  our brother Shane in the center,  my sister Keri in the background,  my mom and dad,  and his other nieces and nephews in the back.  We all laid our hands on his ashes at the end of the service to pose for this photo.  For those of you who don’t know the story: my brother Lonnie died of SUDEP on Nov 6th, 2014.  He was discovered by his roommate that morning.  I remember that morning as if it were yesterday.  Seeing his name pop up on caller ID when I was at work and answering my phone “hey Lonnie I’m way to busy to talk right now let me…”  and then being interrupted by the caller (his roommate) balling,  saying “Lonnie’s dead!”  I’m choking back tears right now as I type this.  That’s the worst possible phone call anyone could ever get.  Again,  I’m 100% on board to make this as successful as possible,  and very proud that I could be considered one of the founders of this race.  I can’t wait to contribute by raising money and awareness to help prevent others from suffering epilepsy,  and worse sudep.