Nikolas Ortiz

When Nikolas was just over a year old, he had what at the time been diagnosed as a “Febrile” seizure. This seizure event was followed by two additional seizures by the age of two. The fact that he had three seizures triggered a series of tests, which led to him being diagnosed with Generalized Epilepsy and initiated an anti seizure medication plan.


Andrew Smith

After My brothers sudden and tragic passing, my uncle, aunt and cousin starting working with the Epilepsy Foundation to create a scholarship in Paul's memory for college students with epilepsy.


Kat Larson

We lost my cousin, Paul Smith, when he was just 22 years old. He had been suffering from seizures through college. Before graduation he lost his life after having a seizure.My family wanted to do something to honor my cousin's memory.

Todd Teragaway

It was exactly 2 years ago today that we had the celebration of life service for my brother Lonnie Scott Teragawa in Yuba City.  The picture shown above is me all the way to the left with glasses with my daughter Natalie,  our brother Shane in the center,  my sister Keri in the background,  my mom and dad,  and his other nieces and nephews in the back.


Patti Palamidessi

After living life with epilepsy, after trying every medicine available (without much success), I had three brain surgeries at age 38. With surgery, mymemory of my past was take from me and my fear door was completely opened. With my seizures gone, what happened was just as difficult to personally start my life over again.


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